On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, Pfaff Automotive Partners Inc. participated in the Take Our Kids to Work Day program . This program allows employees to bring their children in grade 9 to work!

Take Our Kids to Work Day was developed in the early nineties when business man Charlie Pielsticker wished to link leaders in elementary and secondary schools with local businesses, in order to foster future growth connections. In April 1993, the Metro Toronto Learning Partnership was born.

In November of 1994, the first Take Our Kids to Work Day was launched successfully.  19 years later, Take Our Kids to Work Day has expanded across Canada and now enjoys national participation. 

Not only does this experience foster connections with scholastic institutions in our communities, it allows for our kids to see the work that mom or dad do on a day to day basis and hopefully inspire and encourage them as they consider their own future career potential.

Thank you to those who participated this year and we will look forward to a new team of students next year.  

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