Allison Pigden | September 29, 2014

On Thursday September 25th Pfaff Porsche played host to a lineup of one of a kind Porsche models at the stunning Magna Golf Club. Guests not only enjoyed a September evening of beautiful weather but also enjoyed canapés, complimentary Mombacho cigars, a Glenmorangie and Ardbeg scotch bar and entertainment by Toronto’s Sean Jones, Miles Raine & Daniel Buckman of Bellosound. Pfaff Porsche welcomed some special guests that evening who flew in from Porsche head office in Germany to speak about the Porsche Exclusive program, a made to measure program for Porsche owners. As some of you know (or may have read on our blog), Pfaff Automotive Partners recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary earlier this summer. Porsche had designed 5 exclusive cars to celebrate this milestone, one of which was the spotlight of the event. The 50th Anniversary edition 911 Turbo S was made exclusively for Pfaff Porsche and not only represents our anniversary but also a superb example of the Porsche Exclusive program.

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