Pirelli is a very popular and very high quality tire brand, as all should know. However, what is a product without good reviews and feedback from a Porsche owner who drove the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’s – Grand Prix Track.

Undisclosed, this Pfaff and newly found Pirelli customer wrote to our President & CEO of Pfaff Automotive Partners, stating “The Trofeo R pulled a maximum lateral G force of 1.76 G on the same track with the same driver in the same street car. They also pulled 1.6 G in braking! This is incredible performance from a street tire and far superior to its next closest competitor at 1.63 G”.

For those who might need some translation, this means pushing the limits beyond our gravitational force. To put 1.76 Gforce in perspective, a Bugatti Veyron’s acceleration tops 1.55 Gforce travelling from 0-60 MPH. Now imagine that heavy of acceleration, but going around a corner!


Enjoy the video of a Porsche GT3 driving on the Nürburgring Nordschleife using Pirelli Trofeo R followed by an information page on the tires.
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