There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than spending a beautiful summer’s day at a race track. Throw in some exotic cars, good food, and a good cause; and we have a recipe for an awesome day! That is exactly what Moto Amore is: a gathering of some of the coolest production cars, and race cars all lapping one of the most historic tracks in North America for a charitable cause. Our McLaren 12c GT Sprint, and 650S were a real hit with spectators, and I got the privilege of going for a ride in both. I must say; both cars are so incredibly fast it is unbelievable. I had to constantly remind myself that the 650S was a road legal production car, and that it was actually legal to go so damn fast in the GT Sprint around the track. With corner speeds upwards of 200km/h, and straightaway speeds that are not even fair to publish; the GT Sprint has to be the buy of a lifetime for any true car or racing enthusiast.

If you didn’t already think that McLaren’s vehicles were a cut above, a day like today would certainly convince you of that. I can’t imagine anyone leaving a day like today without a huge smile on their face, and feeling like a kid again!