Some time ago we were asked how a vehicles alignment goes out — you can see the answer to that question here [Click Here]Shortly after we posted that video someone asked how we check for alignment variances.

Now…it’s relatively difficult to “eye ball” your alignment, you’ll know that something is wrong with your alignment if you feel your vehicle pulling to the left/right while driving on a straight road, while accelerating, or when braking.

At AJ Pfaff Volkswagen, we use a heath check system. This is a machine located in our service drive through:

We drive a vehicle onto the health check system, attach ‘targets’ to the wheels and let the laser system do its work. In a few seconds the system presents us with a detailed printout of alignment information. The system is so sensitive we can detect variances of as little as 0.01 degree’s  it’s really amazing and quick.

After this point, your complimentary Alignment check is completed and the service advisor working with you and your Volkswagen will discuss the results ando options if you require an alignment.

In addition to this high-tech machine, Pfaff Volkswagen also has an in-ground Hunter alignment rack. This means if your car is modified and lowered, we can accommodate you.

To book an alignment inspection, or four-wheel alignment, please visit HERE to use our online booking tool.