Ask Us Anything #4.

How should you store your seasonal tires?

Not an uncommon question, and one that gets asked every spring and winter here at Pfaff Volkswagen. The most important thing to note when storing your seasonal tires yourself, is the position they are stored in. Ideally, you will have a tire storage rack specifically designed for tire storage. These are similar to the racks we use in our tire storage facility. They are design to keep weight off your tires, and ensure that no flat spots develop over time. If you don’t have a storage rack, the next best thing is to store your tires on their sidewalls. This will also ensure that they don’t develop flat spots.

Of course, the best solution is to have us store your tires for you in our tire storage area. For only $96 per season, we’ll ensure proper storage of your tires and you get a little extra room in your garage.

Happy driving.