It happens. Someone is not looking, they run a red light, they cut you off and slam on their brakes, or are texting and make a mistake- the fact is, car accidents happen more than we want. At Pfaff Autoworks in Vaughan we see a lot of vehicles involved in a motor vehicle accident. Many of the customers arrive at our shop with their vehicle on a tow truck and say “I didn’t know what to do”, or “oh, I forgot to get that…”.

To be fully prepared we recommend you download our Pfaff Autoworks smart-phone app (Download for iPhone here). Here you can complete a digital accident report including pictures. You can also find a local towing company and car rental company.

With this simple guide, you will be fully prepared if the unfortunate happens.



1. Do not panic

2. Self Check – make sure you are not injured, pinned anywhere.

3. Check your passengers, make sure they are safe.


4. Look around the scene of the accident to make sure you are not in danger of debris, or traffic.

5. If anyone is injured, call 9-1-1 immediately. Seek immediate medical attention. Police will complete the accident report.

6. If your vehicle cannot move off of the road, call 9-1-1 immediately.

7. If your vehicle is mobile- move it off to the shoulder or an area which is safe.

8. Gather all relevant information if there are other drivers involved (CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE LIST).

Full (legal) name, address, phone numbers, drivers license info (directly off license), license plate #, insurance company name and policy number (directly off insurance slip)

9. Obtain contact information of any witnesses

10. If able to, take pictures of the accident. Include your vehicle, other parties vehicle (if involved), and scene of accident/road conditions.

11. Contact your insurance company and report the claim.

12. Go to the nearest Accident Reporting Centre.

13. Contact Pfaff Autoworks to arrange repairs.



1. If anyone is injured, do not move them. Wait for medical help to arrive.

2. Do not stand in danger of moving traffic.

2. Do not leave the scene of the accident.

3. Do not accept an offer (even verbally) of payment or any other compensation for any damages from the other driver(s) (if involved). If you are not at fault, it will not affect your insurance or driving record.

4. Do not claim you are at fault verbally or on paper – leave this for the insurance companies to decide.

4, Do not sign any documents unless it is a police report.

5. Do not get your vehicle repaired without involving your insurance company. They often have preferred repair centres or want to compare prices.