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Question 3.

Why do wheels go out of alignment?


This is a question we field frequently this time of the year. If all roads were smooth, and free of cracks, potholes, and various other ailments, wheel alignments would be less of a problem. However, the climate here in Newmarket, Aurora, and surrounding area, experiences frost heaving lows down to-40°C in the winter, and the joint expanding heat of our sweltering summers. Add some road salt to the frost/heave mix and you have a recipe for some pretty uneven roads, as well as deep potholes, all of which your Volkswagen’s suspension has to deal with. Moreover, if you have a tendency to hit the curb while parking, also known as “parking by feel,” your suspension and alignment are going to take the brunt of that too.

With all the knocks, bumps and general punishment that your Volkswagen’s suspension system experiences over its life time — it’s likely that your alignment is going to need adjusting.


So how do you know your alignment is out?

Firstly, if your VW’s alignment is out, you’ll likely notice a pulling to one side while driving on a flat road. Or, if your car squeals while turning corners on dry pavement, you’ll want to get the alignment checked. Also, take a look at the wear on your tires, if the wear is uneven, the probable cause is the state of your alignment.

The good news is that every car that enters our Volkswagen Service drive-through receives a complimentary health check on our heath check system. It only takes a few minutes to perform and, once complete, we will provide you with a detailed printout of the state of your alignment as well as a host of other details about the health of your Volkswagen.

Happy driving.