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Question 2.

How do I know it’s time to replace my tires?

One of the most important components to your safety is tires. Many of us now own two sets of tires. One set for the winter months, one for summer. The only thing keeping your 3,500 lb. vehicle stuck to the road are those four rubber contact patches that roughly equal the size of an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper. 

There are many benefits to this. One is that tires last a much longer time, however, this also means you have two sets of tires to replace.


This brings the question up. When do I replace my tires? 

Tire manufacturers have worked hard through research and development and tires today are significantly more advanced than 10-years ago.

Tires to day have tread wear indicators which you can physically see when your tires are exhausted. Another identifier is an increase in road noise.

Typically, these these wear indicators are moulded rubber bars at 2/32″ across the bottom of the tire tread grooves. When these wear bar is level with the tire tread, it is time for replacement.

In addition, many service shops like Pfaff Volkswagen provide a vehicle health report which includes the condition of your tires and will notify you if you require replacement.


Tips to make your tires last longer:

1. Fill with Nitrogen – Nitrogen is proven not to fluctuate in high or low temperatures which can cause an increase or decrease in tire pressure.

2. Check tire pressure regularly – keeping your tires filled to the recommend PSI will extend the life of your tires. Overtime, tires do lose air pressure through wear.

3. Rotate and balance – It is highly recommended to rotate your tires every 10,000-15,000km. This allows all four tires to wear evenly. Balancing your tires once a year will keep your tires from rotating unevenly which could cause a number of issues.

4. Buy better rated tires – It is hard to resist budget branded tires, however many times these tires wear significantly faster, Pfaff Volkswagen provides the best tires for the best prices to ensure you are receiving the greatest value.

5. Storage – It is recommended you store your tires in a climate controlled environment. It is also recommended to stack your tires, not set side by side. Pfaff Volkswagen offers indoor storage. View our article and video about tire storage and when to swap your seasonal tires by clicking here.


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