Steve Bortolotti | April 28, 2014


I have followed NASCAR faithfully for a long time. I am man enough to admit that I get ripped on a bit for it as people say: “its boring,” and that “they only turn left,” but really, when was the last time you saw a race for the win like the one on Saturday night in Richmond in any other major racing series? Sure, I roll my eyes about how corny the drivers’ celebrations can be at times, but I watch NASCAR for the on-track product. I am a fan of racing. Period. I don’t just watch NASCAR; I follow everything from Formula 1 all the way to local Canadian racing series’ such as Porsche GT3 Cup Canada, and the Canadian Touring Car Championship. With NASCAR though, I get to see a great race week in and week out, with a different winner on a pretty regular basis. I get to see underdog teams win, listen in on what teams/drivers are talking about during a race, and get to see real emotion from drivers after a conflict.

Sure, Formula 1 is faster, the cars look better, and used to sound better than any other form of racing. However, this isn’t a blog about why one form of racing is better than another. This is simply a notice to all you racing fans out there to expand your horizons, and become more diverse in the type of motorsports you choose to follow. If you’ve never sat down to watch a Nascar race lately: try it. If you’ve never sat down to watch a United Sports Car race: try it. Just because it isn’t the most popular choice, it doesn’t mean the on-track racing product isn’t great to watch.


Below is a link to the final laps in the race I mentioned above; watch it!!

Click here to view video