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Question 1.

When should I replace my winter tires for summers?

 We get asked this question all the time at Pfaff Volkswagen and it’s a great question. Firstly, it means that the person asking, actually has a set of winter and summer tires. While we sell “all season” tires, the reality is that our area (Toronto, Newmarket, Aurora) or Central Ontario in general doesn’t have just one season. In fact, it seems we now have five including, spring, summer, autumn, winter, polar vortex, and back to spring. Seasons that, “all-season” tires, just aren’t manufactured to deal with.

Weather Trends:



So the question is when should you swap your winter tires for summer?

Finding the perfect time to swap out your seasonal tires can be as tricky as finding an accurate weather forecast. Murphy’s Law says that a few days after you swap those winter tires for your much better looking summers, we’ll see a good old fashioned spring snow storm. While Murphy does a pretty good job predicting these things, we have our own law when it comes to swapping out seasonal tires.

Winter tires provide optimal grip in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius (about 45 degrees ferinheight). Below this temperature, they stay relatively soft and provide superior grip, as well as shorter stopping distances. Above 7 degrees, the softer compounds in the tire will start to wear down more quickly. Moreover, your Volkswagen won’t quite feel the same and you’ll likely hear some ‘tire hum’. Given that 7 degrees is the target temperature, our suggestion is to keep an eye on the long range weather forecast. Once the average daily low is at least 7 degrees, or above, it’s time to book the appointment and have your winter tires swapped with summers.

It’s also a great time to check your alignment and give your Volkswagen a good detail. CLICK HERE for detailing and service specials.

Keep in mind we also have an on site tire storage facility. Out storage facility has specialized racks designed to house tires without creating flat spots.

At last check the 14 daily average low starting April 30 is about 7 degrees. Call us today to book that tire swap.


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