Naveen Islam | March 31, 2014


Nick Harrison, a 22 year old technician, has been working with the Pfaff group for five years. He spent three years at Porsche before switching over to McLaren and Pfaff Tuning. This year, he takes on a new role as the head technician for Pfaff Motorsports.


Q-How did you first get into cars?

N.H- When I was three I took the training wheels off my own bicycle. When I was nine I did my first oil change. I realized I liked working with my hands. I started following my uncle to the race tracks and got into drag racing. I continued with it throughout high school, and started working for Pfaff when I was 17.


Q- How did you get involved with Pfaff Motorsports?

N.H- Three years ago I was Chris Green’s technician for his 911 GT3 during his first race for Pfaff at Calabogie. The next year, I was asked to be one of the technicians for the #9 GT3. This year, the role of head technician opened up unexpectedly and I gladly accepted.


Q- What’s involved with setting up this year’s 991 cup car?

N.H- There are a lot of rule changes this year that prohibits us from doing as much as we did last year with the 997. As a result, we are very limited to the adjustments that we can make.


Q- How strong do you think we are as a team?

N.H- As a fresh team this year, I’m sure we will face some obstacles. With that being said, we all bring some sort of experience to the table. Jimmy Vervitas and Steve Bortolotti have both tracked competitively so that’s a definite bonus and Chris Green is a fantastic driver to have at the wheel.


Q- Which track do you like the best, which one do you find most difficult, and which one do you look most forward to?

N.H- I like Calabogie because it’s a newer facility and there’s always a lot of action. It makes for an entertaining race. I find Mosport the most challenging. It’s a legendary track that can be frustrating because it offers so many different demands. I look most forward to racing at the Honda Indy because my family can come out and see what I do.


Q- What do you think your biggest challenge will be this year and who is our biggest competitor?

N.H- The rules change and learning the new car will be our biggest challenge. I think the entire platinum class will be very competitive because of the new vehicle so everyone is on their own learning curve. I just hope we can stay ahead of the competition.


Q- When it comes to this industry, where do you see yourself in ten years?

N.H. In the exact same spot I am now. Working for Pfaff has been a privilege in general, and being able to work so closely with Motorsports has been a dream come true.


997_1GT3 Cup Car