Joe Donoghue | March 28, 2014

Spring is right around the corner (technically it’s here) – I don’t know a better time to start getting excited about the upcoming driving season! Whether you’re putting your summer tires back on, or buying new ones – you will definitely want to find those roads less traveled which are long, full of twists and turns, and will get your heart pounding and your blood flowing.

Myself personally, I drive a ’11 VW GTI which is perfect for those tight corners and short straight aways – but the roads I am going to share with you are suitable for literally any car (be cautious of pot holes after the winter we had).

These might not be the absolute best roads around us, but they are the best I have driven on. By all means, please share other routes you have taken and I will update this blog post as we go!


10. Muskoka Beach (26km) 27min
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As always, I will try to start the trip at the nearest Tim Hortons (tip: tuck the lids tab into the coffee to help avoid spilling) and end the trip at a local restaurant for you to enjoy.

This route features some of the most beautiful cottage country roads you will find. They roll, curve, bend, and are covered by trees as if you were driving into an abyss. This drive is a simple one, no sight seeing – nothing spectacular except for the asphalt and following that yellow line.

This road is infamous for bikers in their ‘bibs’ and folks on rollerblades. Be cautious around corners and bottom of hills – they are always in the most inconvenient spot.


9. Southwood | Rd.13 (68.1km) 1hr 16min
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I recommend starting this trip in Gravenhurst and working south to Washago Village Restaurant. However, you can head the opposite direction.

This route ties beautifully into Muskoka Beach Road if you are looking for a longer trip, but this road will set a new standard for those of you who love twists and turns! Along the way, there are many pit stops you can make where you can catch local wild life, see the swamp and small plains which are hidden away in vast forest. There are many small lakes on this route but my favourite spot is the one way bridge which crosses the Trent Severn Waterway. Who doesn’t want to cross a rickety old swing bridge which spans a fairly large river?! It’s actually not that bad. But when you look upriver and see a yacht coming towards you… Makes me want to boat!

This road offers everything from hairpin turns, large up hills that lead into a fantastic apex, and only a few stop signs.

Depending on time of year, you may be joined by other driving enthusiasts including motorcycles and bikes. They work hard on keeping this road perfect, but spring is pothole season and the potholes do grow – watch for these.


8. Creemore (94km) 1hr 46min
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This trip starts at the Tim Hortons in Angus – of course since we are passing Creemore you may as well stop for a tour of the Creemore brewery and their fantastic pub featuring some of the best food I have had. The remainder of Road 9 is excellent! It follows the twist and turns of the Mad and Noisy River, at some points this river will show up on the left, then the right (it’s madness)!

Road 124 is a bit long and straight, but you get some beautiful vantage points of Ontario’s finest lands. To keep it exciting I included River Rd which is a pleasant 60kph limit road with gradual bends. You might feel lost at this point, but we are headed back towards Alliston and HWY 89. 10th Sideroad is another beautiful bending hilly road which passes through a nice village called Everrett which leads into Alliston/HWY 89.

I have had no issues with this drive, and it is one of my most favourite. But as always, follow the limits.


7. Forks of the Credit (14.3km) 19min
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This is one of the most technical roads I have driven. Truly a treat! You will experience a hairpin corner as if you were on the track (remember you’re on a public road). Since this trip is short, I have it starting and ending at Tim Hortons in Erin – mostly because you are going to want to go up and down this road quite a few times! I once did it 25 times – yes, it’s that much fun.

There are extremely tight turns, narrow passages, etc. Use caution on this entire road and follow the street signs. WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS.


6. Niagara Peninsula | Route 1812 (145km) 2hrs38min
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This is one of the best day trips you will take. It starts at a Tim Horton’s in Beamsville (you can just continue through the QEW), and will take you up the entire Niagara Parkway. If you have never driven this route – this is a must drive! There are many vantage points for incredible views including the Niagara Falls. You will go from most North East point of Lake Erie to the most South West point of Lake Ontario, through wine country, even passing historical sites of the War of 1812.

Use common sense! This is a long and windy road – mostly 50-80kph speed limits which wrap around Niagara Falls, the whirlpools, large cliffs and edges. 


I am still trying to find the top 5, and this is where I need everyone’s help! Please leave comments below- let me know what you think of the roads I listed, and share your maps/trips. Maybe we’ll cross paths at a local Tim Hortons!